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Percy's Powder Rhomanga 60t
Rhomanga is a dietary supplement taken once a day, that has a similar basis to the mineral powder first developed by farmer, Percy Weston in the 1940's, and now further refined by him, as a means to help "curbing phosphoric activity" in the body.

Percys mineral powder in tablet form as Rhomanga is convenient, portable and cost effective. It contains added vitamins including B12 (cyanocobalamin)

Rhomanga is a blood tonic and assists in maintaining normal blood.

Taken with a glass of water the mineral salts in Rhomanga tablets, which are the same ratios as in Percys Powder supply the body with a means of assisting to check the build-up of acids and phosphate, and flushing them out in the urine. (Acid build-up in the tissues causes infection and chronic diseases.)

Why Take Rhomanga
Because modern diets, while containing these minerals, do not have enough of them to balance the abundant acid minerals coming from soils conditioned by chemical fertilisers and processed additives. Soft drinks, too, introduce acidity which the body has to work hard to neutralise in order for enzymes to function.

Percys mineral salts are sulphates. This means each one dissociates in water into ions, groups of atoms that the body can use immediately whenever they are needed. Sulphate assist in disinfecting the blood.

Each bottle of Rhomange contains 60 tablets. The doseage is one a day, the ideal maintenance dose to assist people who weigh up to 65kg.

For a small investment, you can now assist in correcting the acid-base imbalance of the food you eat and head off those debilitating diseases.

A daily dose of rhomanga incorporates Percy Weston's ratio of essential minerals

Each Tablet Contains:

Magnesium (as sulfate) 47.8mg
Potassium (as sulfate) 83.0mg
Iron (as sulfate) 1.0mg
Manganese (as sulfate) 6.0mg
Zinc (as sulfate) 6.8mg

All in soluble sulphate that resists bacteria.

It is further enhanced by:

Bioflavinoids 25.0mg
Thiamine Hydrochloride 1.0mg
Folic Acid 200mcg
Cyanocobalamin 500mcg
Sodium Ascorbate 37.33mg
Ascorbic Acid (as sodium salt) 33.0mg
Pyridoxine (as hydrochloride) 12.0mg
D-Alpha-Tocopherl Acid
Succinate equiv vitamin E 48 i.u. 39.67mg
Selenium (asselenomethionine) 100mcg

The tablet should be taken with plenty of water - and at least once a day at night before bed.

Always read the label. If symptoms persist, consult your health care practitioner.