Cabot Health Quick Loss Meal Replacement Vanilla 1Kg

Cabot Health Quick Loss Meal Replacement Vanilla 1Kg

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Sandra Cabot's Quick Loss Meal Replacement Tub 1kg


  • QuickLoss is designed to replace one or two main meals per day to make weight loss quicker, easier, simpler and healthier.
  • QuickLoss makes a delicious drink that satisfies hunger and reduces appetite for unhealthy foods.
  • QuickLoss provides 25% of the RDI of vitamins and minerals in each serve, in order to keep energy levels high and metabolism efficient.

Unique Properties:

  • QuickLoss contains NeOpuntia which is a patented cactus fibre that creates a feeling of fullness and reduces appetite.
  • NeOpuntia also binds fat in the digestive system, reducing its absorption.
  • NeOpuntia is derived from prickly pear cactus.
  • QuickLoss contains whey protein concentrate, a superior source of first class protein to assist with weight loss.
  • QuickLoss contains added chromium to reduce cravings.
  • QuickLoss contains added selenium and iodine to support healthy thyroid function, and therefore efficient metabolism.
  • QuickLoss is gluten free and does not contain artificial sweeteners.
  • QuickLoss comes with Dr Cabots QuickLoss attached