Bonvit Roast Dandelion Chicory 32 Tea Bags

Bonvit Roast Dandelion Chicory 32 Tea Bags

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Bonvit Roast Dandelion & Chicory 32 Tea Bags 90g
Bonvit Dandelion Herbal Beverage is a rich blend of roasted dandelion and chicory that makes a brilliant alternative to coffee.

Caffeine free
Lactose free
100% natural
No added preservatives
No added flavours

Available in Fine, Medium and Coarse grades and also available in packs of 32 Filter tea bags.
Bonvit Dandelion & Chicory Health Benefits:

May improve digestion and aids weight loss
Eases congestion of the liver
May help to purify the bladder and kidneys.
Contains calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, vitamins B and C.
May help to regulate ate blood sugar and improves blood circulation
May help to ease bloating and aching joints.
May aid inflammatory skin conditions

Roasted dandelion root, Roasted chicory root
Recommended Usage:
Place filter bag in a cup. Pour boiling water into cup. Allow infusion time 1-2 minutes. Add milk cream honey or sugar to taste.