Amazonia Raw Protein Slim & Tone Cacao & Macadamia 500G

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Amazonia Raw Slim+Tone Protein Cacao+Mac 500g

This slim & tone protein powder provides a nourishing yet filling base with nutrient-dense herbs and specific alkalising greens to help combat weight gain. Nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs leaves you feeling fuller for longer. With the addition of a number of herbs that combat bad bacteria overgrowth that comes with poor diet, slim & tone is the option for those wanting real results. Why Raw? Whey, a common protein, is a by-product of the heavily processed cheese industry. This raw, live protein contains no whey, making it a powerful, dairy-free option with high levels of readily absorbed nutrients. It is the rawest form of natural protein to come on the market.
  • Rich in nutrition to help you feel fuller for longer
  • Delicious creamy taste
  • Infused with herbs known to boost metabolism
  • Bio-Fermented & live Sprouted Protein
  • Designed to help combat bad digestive bacteria
  • Sugar free, low in carbs
  • Wheat, dairy, eggs, soy and gmo  free
Always read the label. If symptoms persist, consult your health care practitioner.