Deer International Deer-Co-Gine 500ml

Deer International Deer-Co-Gine 500ml

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Deer International Deer-Co-Gine 500ml

#Health Benefits of Deer Velvet

  • Traditionally taken as a supplement before and during winter, deer velvet has been used for thousands of years to body’s natural defenses by supporting healthy immune function.
  • Improve the oxygen-carrying components of the blood, aiding in mental sharpness and endurance.
  • Deer velvet is widely used by athletes to support improved performance. More and more athletes are looking to deer velvet as a training aid, a promoter of recovery after physical activity and injury, and possibly injury prevention.
  • Deer velvet can be used as an anti-aging aid, providing support for joint function, blood health, cholesterol, and tissue damage.
  • Support for joint health and mobility, deer velvet is highly valued for its bone-strengthening effect.
  • Support the growth and development of children, enhance the immune system and support mental ability.
  • For companion animals, the anti-inflammatory and immune function benefits of deer velvet help in the treatment of osteoarthritis, and assist with recovery following surgery.